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The State Historic Deer Harbor Community Club (DHCC) building is available for rent under the rules we follow as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our rental fees go toward DHCC operating and maintenance expenses. Rental fees include the use of the meeting room, heaters, chairs, tables, projector, projection screen, restroom, water, lights, parking lot, and minimal use of the non-commercial kitchen.

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Booking Process

  1. Check our Events Calendar for rental availability.
  2. Approval of your reservation is required before the final booking. To request a reservation or if you have any questions, contact our Rental Manager via the Contact Form below or call and leave a message at 360-376-3028.
  3. Rental and deposit fees must be paid before obtaining access. Include this completed Rental Agreement Form with your payment.
  4. See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more details.

Rental Rates

4 Hours Full Day 4 Hours Full Day Cleaning & Damage
Member Sponsored Community Enrichment* FREE (M–Th) $80 FREE (M–Th) $80 $200
Member Sponsored Private, Government, or Nonprofit $50 $100 $75 $150 $300
Non-Member Private $200 $300 $300 $400 $400
Parking Lot N/A $100 N/A $150 $200
Public Service or For-Profit Contact the Rental Administrator.

*Community Enrichment Events are defined as a one-time or ongoing events for the benefit of the community. Examples include a yoga class, chess club, art class, music group, movie night, etc. To qualify for this special rate, all of the following criteria must be met:

  1. The event's sponsor must be a current DHCC member, be present at the event, be responsible for building access, and ensure the hall is returned to the pre-rental state.
  2. The sponsor must complete a rental agreement and provide a deposit.
  3. The event must be open to the public.
  4. No fees would be charged to the attendees and no product sales.
  5. No alcohol or smoking.
  6. Light kitchen use (no food preparation).
  7. The sponsor must remove ALL trash, food, and recycling from the building immediately after the event.
  8. The sponsor must follow all rental cleaning and usage guidelines provided.

NOTE: Rental Rates are subject to change without notice.

Use Restrictions

DHCC's maximum capacity is 85 people.

If alcohol is to be served or consumed, the renter must obtain:

  1. Host Liquor Liability Insurance Policy. Contact your own insurance company or go to, which provides one-day event insurance, usually for under $100; and
  2. Banquet Permit issued by the State of Washington. Permits are available online for $10 at Online Banquet Permit.

We will not provide access to the building until we have a copy of both Insurance Policy and the Banquet Permit.

  • No candles or devices with open flames may be used due to fire hazard.
  • Do not leave any leftover food from the event.
  • Remove ALL trash from the building immediately after the event concludes.
  • After the event, you must put all the tables and chairs away, sweep the floor, clean all surfaces, lock the building, and in general leave the building as you found it, including turning off all lights and adjusting the thermostat.
  • The DHCC board of directors reserves the right to deny the use of DHCC to any individual or organization.
  • The DHCC is a NON-SMOKING facility.

COVID-19: Event sponsors are allowed to set their own rules around social distancing, masks, and vaccination proof, provided they comply with all state and county regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions


As soon as you are certain of your date. We take reservations with payment up to a year in advance. Our busiest times are the summer months. Check our Events Calendar to make sure your date is available.

No, you need to be a member for a year to qualify for the cheaper rate.

Yes. To get your cleaning deposit refunded, you must return the building to the same condition that you found it; this includes removing ALL trash, recycle, and food from the property.

You can, but we do not provide this service, nor do we know of any cleaners willing to do this.

Take it to The Exchange, 3398 Orcas Road. For more information visit: PLEASE do not deposit your trash in dumpsters around the island. ALL dumpsters belong to private businesses and are for their use only. Trash removal is one of the (expensive) challenges of living on an island.

A few days before your event, a door code will be emailed to you. This code is for the back door.

It may be possible, depending on the building schedule. Contact our Rental Manager.

Yes, but you must provide proof of event insurance before the door code is released. A one-day policy is available from A Banquet Permit may also be required.


Yes, we have two large 50-cup coffee urns — one marked for hot water, one for coffee. We also have two half-gallon pumper pots and a 12-cup Mr. Coffee maker.

No. In addition, we only have a 5-gallon hot water heater.

Yes, but it’s an odd collection. We have no glassware. Most renters who serve meals opt for a caterer like the Deer Harbor Inn or The Orcas Village Store who provide everything.

Yes. Our kitchen is basically a home-style kitchen with a standard kitchen refrigerator/freezer, stove, and microwave.


We have one bathroom with a toilet and sink. For larger groups or events that last several hours, we recommend renting a port-a-potty from Abood Septic, 376-7660.

No. We have neighbors who would be disturbed by amplified music.

Yes. The piano is tuned regularly and is available for musicians to use. Please do not place food or drink on the piano, and replace the cover before you leave.

Rental Request or Questions?
Contact our Rental Manager:

*The current Rental Manager is listed on our Contact page.

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