Give Orcas Campaign

The Deer Harbor Post Office is part of the GiveOrcas Campaign, May 2–16. We haven’t fully painted the Post Office since we purchased the building in 2009, and it is looking a bit bedraggled. A fresh coat of paint and a little structural touch-up can happen with your help.

We need to raise $10,000 to get this job completed. If you make a contribution now, we can get this job underway this summer.


Here are 7 reasons to support our Post Office:

  1. In 2009 the Deer Harbor Community Club spearheaded a fundraising drive and raised $250,000 in six months to keep our mail service coming to 98243. We bought the building and signed a lease with USPS.
  2. Our Post Office serves more than 400 postal patrons from Deer Harbor, Waldron, Crane, Fawn, and outer islands.
  3. Deer Harbor is the safest dock location for postal boat traffic.
  4. Getting your mail in Deer Harbor reduces your carbon footprint. Locals don’t need to drive to Eastsound for mail.
  5. Our post office is historic. The first post office was in 1893.
  6. We have a key commercial location for resorts, aircraft, and boating, making our post office a photogenic memory with our 1893 signage.
  7. Our post office is a great place to catch up with neighbors.

Be a part of the community supporting the DHPO. Make a contribution today!

The Deer Harbor Community Club (DHCC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your gift is tax-deductible.

Deer Harbor Community Club

The Deer Harbor Community Club (DHCC) is located on Orcas Island, Washington, in a historic building built in 1905. The building is listed in the Washington Heritage Register, served as the Deer Harbor schoolhouse until 1925, and now serves as the home of the community club.


DHCC is available for weddings and other events, such as community or religious gatherings, classes and workshops, concerts, dances, club meetings, and family reunions. A full kitchen, ample parking, and other amenities are included.

Membership donations go toward building and grounds maintenance, repairs, and improvements. Membership includes a discount on hall rental.


Upcoming Events

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